Random thoughts June 2018

I haven’t gotten any motivation to write any blogposts or reviews recently so I’ll just write something to just keep it somewhat alive. Currently the VPS this website is hosted on is mostly relegated to run discord bots and scripts that I have written for fun.

Photokatsu wise, I have achieved certain milestones and have pretty much stopped playing currently, waiting for its death. Thoroughly bad luck on my last few rolls didn’t really raise my motivation. No PRs on rate ups in 4×11 rolls. I enjoyed the game very much throughout almost 2 years of playing. It’s more part of my life for the past two years as I have never fail logging in since I have started playing. I have also done FC on most of the songs which I didn’t actually anticipated it would happen due to me being really crap in rhythm games. I have improved so much in this game but still my weakness still prevents me from finishing a remaining few of them but I am still happy with my accomplishments. I feel slightly empty to see it gone soon, but at the same time, it will actually release a burden from myself to try other new stuff or just rest more.

I have reached SSS Ichigo sometime in March 2018, boy this is really tiring, but it’s always worth it for my forever no.1 Aikatsu idol Ichigo.

Milestone reached: Getting into top 100 for Ichigo fanclub. 

I am still watching Aikatsu Friends/Prichan/Hugtto Precure but I am afraid I won’t be writing any reviews due to me being lazy. I still like the direction of Aikatsu Friends is going but it’s a bit too early to proclaim whether it would be great or not. I feel that it is better than what I feel for Aikatsu Stars for now.

I can’t really comment much on Prichan, because I still don’t see where the plot is going yet. There are always boring episodes mixed with interesting episodes for now.


Lastly, I would like to comment on a certain person who has been cloning and plagiarizing my posts. Since I am not posting much anymore, there is nothing much to be copied but I am still very pissed off for what you have done. There is nothing much we can do to stop you since you have been copying stuff from almost everywhere, but know it you will be judged according to your deeds

Aikatsu Stars 90 and Idoltime Pripara 41 Review

This is my lucky month for mobage I suppose. I got a double PR pull from Elza event pool in a single 11 roll, and they are just what I need (Event Elza and Initial Rola). For the anniversary pick free PR, I have picked Shion since she was the only character available that I was missing. Hope my luck for Photokatsu also continue for this new year. 

Aikatsu Stars 90

Elza apparently wanted to shut down Venus Ark as Venus Ark students (Rei, Kirara, Aria) had completed their role as tools to unlock Sun Dress. Rei and Kirara apparently still obsessed with having Elza around though, being willing to do anything to bring Elza back.

The middle part of the episode is pretty fun with Rei Kirara Aria being together doing cooking. Actually I wish to see more of their interactions together instead of them sticking with Elza, because it’s so fulfilling. Aria is also being too cute for a supporting character in this episode, that I actually spent some time to make a gif of her.

In the end, Kirara won the event because Rei was letting Kirara win, so I think Kirara is likely the final one in top 4 unless Hime miraculously appear in the Aikatsu ranking. It was weird that in Aikatsu stars, they were allowed to perform with a sprained ankle though. (Remember when Rin was forbidden to perform in Aikatsu by Johnny Sensei due to the same problem?)

Elza seemed to have softened down a bit in the end of this episode and that pained look in her face suggested that she may have kept some secrets from them.


Idoltime Pripara 41

With the theme of Pripara being friends all the time, it kinda makes sense that the key to defeat or convert Galala is simply just using power of friends. Galala being friends with Shuuka just unlocked both of their lonely souls, and it seems like Galala will be converted much sooner now.

Galala performance is being quite nice, with someone pointed out to me that her performance is supposed to be a mirror of Falala’s performance which is true. Most of the dance choreography and even the making drama are quite similar just with the day and night opposite theme different.

Aikatsu Stars 89 and Idoltime Pripara 40 Review

Playing three mobages is really taxing me a lot but somehow Bandori and Mirishita gave me the best gacha lucks this month, while I am not getting anything from Photokatsu this month. 3 4-Stars on Bandori this month, and 4 SSRs from Mirishita (1 SSR from medal gacha, 3 SSRs from a single ten roll) this month. I really want to reduce my time on Bandori and Mirishita. It’s like they are using the gacha luck to prevent me from leaving. Arrrgh.

I really hope to get my first gacha Photokatsu PR for this year soon though.

Aikatsu Stars 89

I was actually surprised by this episode being mostly a recap. I don’t usually watch live stream because it is shortly just after my work time but this time I managed to finish my stuff early and tried to watch it and this is so anti-climatic to watch a recap.

Somehow Elza reverted back to her kind self after few episodes of being half crazy and there she is rejecting veggies from her meal. She is so unexpectedly childish when it comes to veggies.

Finally, we also got another reveal from Hime that she obtained something probably equal or even better than the Sun Dress after all the travelling around the world. Will Hime become the final boss of this season instead of Elza? I always feel like Hime should be the Yume’s final opponent though to bring a closure for Yume’s challenge towards Hime in the end of S1. Yume can’t really be ichibanboshi without beating Hime fair and square.

Idoltime Pripara 40

This is supposed to be a filler episode but there are some pretty touching scenes for Laala and Yui.

MyDre and Laala went back to Parajuku again so the whole old cast gets their cameo and appears again. It’s touching to see that Yui realized that Laala is not just her best friend and Laala is pretty much everyone else’s friend and Laala is actually influential.

I had to think for a bit for Laala most important thing, but it was so obvious, and I also did guess it before the results are out. Minna Tomodachi is basically everything that makes Laala what she is so the most obvious answer would be friend. Yui did understand enough of Laala to know what’s the correct answer for Laala too after being together all these times.

Aikatsu Stars 88 and Idoltime Pripara 39 Review

Happy new year 2018!!!

It’s been a busy new year week because I was trying to rank a bit for multiple mobages (Photokatsu, Mirishita, Bandori). Had some luck with the new year rolls for Mirishita and Bandori but no luck for my main mobage Photokatsu. I still need one more PR to reach 50 PRs. Will it be from the gacha? Or will it be from the Shop PR or Medley PR?

There are also news of a new Aikatsu trademark which probably points to new season Aikatsu Friends. I certainly still hope that Yume will be staying in some way for that, but I had a feeling that it won’t happen. It’ll be sad if all the Stars related content to be relegated to Photokatsu on that point onwards if that happens. 

Starting to watch the new season of anime too. The new cardcaptor sakura is being pretty impressive, and there’s also the Hugtto Precure coming up which I am really looking forward to.

Aikatsu Stars 88

It’s a half Yuzu episode and half drama episode for this new year episode. 

We have been shown that Yuzu essentially having limitless energy but this is the first time I think we have seen her reached her limit and down from that. Having said that, that only happens only after multiple exhausting events/schedules and she just recovers back to her normal state just after few hours of resting. Sasuga Yuzu. Trying to act as 9 characters on her own is pretty crazy for the scenario script and others would need to have a full team to just cover all her roles.

The second part was also the highlight of the episode with the really well written and cute drama scenario. The characters being portrayed are just too fun to behold. All the characters are having their fun and unique personality but the best would be Lily Teacher and Koharu Teacher. Lily acted overly serious and paranoid while Koharu is showing her gem of being a true sexy type again, being all too much seducing to Kirara Student.

This is unexpectedly well done for a new year episode with lots of iconic scenes.


Also made a gif of Yume stumped at how to pronounce Tokyo.

Idoltime Pripara 39

It’s been a mostly joke filler episode for the Baba sisters headmistresses. Shuuka had been used by Galala to help her to steal dreams, but going forward will she continue to be tricked or will she be willingly helping Galala by defeating MyDre?

Aikatsu Stars 82 and Idoltime Pripara 33 Review

What a bad week last week. Yume has appeared as a banner in Photokatsu again and I went in for 14 rolls…….. which gives me 154 cards, and a supposedly high chance of getting Yume.

End Result: No Yume and not even another new PR.

Was so exasperated in Photokatsu urrrgh. Bad luck strikes again Yume just refuses to come home for me. I hate her so much now, but I will still be posting a lot of Yume screenshots below because she’s still so cute unfortunately. Don’t feel like whaling for now so Yume will be away again for now.

Aikatsu Stars 82

I take a long time to like characters usually and that includes my favourite in Stars now Yume (Which took me I think 10-20+ episodes?). My overall favourite is still Ichigo though. I have been pretty neutral on Aria since her appearance, so I guess I have finally reached an episode when I start growing on her now.

Aria has to be a pretty crazy Yume fan to actually stalk Yume to multipler of her work schedules. Yume only goes into delusion mode when she enjoys Aikatsu? Aria has so much chemistry with Yume this episode so I really wanted to welcome her to Yume’s harem now. In fact, I am questioning why she is even in Venus Ark as she doesn’t even have chemistry with anyone else there.

I really enjoy Aria as Yume’s sidekick and she’s so bubbly lovely herself in her glasses. The first dual SPR performance is also going on strong too, hoping more of these to be coming up soon.

Idoltime Pripara 33

Guess these episodes will be focusing on each one of them getting back their dreams from Galala, actually unlocking the dreamy eyes mode like Yui.

This episode is for Nino and I am loled at how she actually harasses Paku. I though Paku should have some kind of supernatural powers to identify real dreams to eat and shouldn’t mistake torchlight for dreams, but I guess this is just typical Pripara, pushing the boundaries of ridiculously.

So I guess once Michiru gets back her dream, the unit will be complete and they will have a fair chance to challenge Galala.

Aikatsu Stars 68 and Idoltime Pripara 19 Review

Aikatsu Stars 68

Another filler episode but aww all of them are so cute in this episode.

The episodes are also building up some interesting personality additions for Rei, Kirara and even the Yuri clone. Rei meeeeeeeeing at Kirara and Kirara addicted to handheld idol dress coord games (Is this breaking the fourth wall?) are just so much fun.

Lily / Ako / Yuzu are pulled into this episodes as teachers but to be honest, their teaching/inspiration methods make no sense at all. I am just in for all the cute reactions.

I am just super looking forward to next episode now. Akari is finally BACK!!!! All hail Ozora Akari!!!!!!!


Another bad news for me this week on Photokatsu. I spent 5000 stars trying to roll for Event PR Yume, and failed specularly. All my money went down the drain for this. According to maths calculation, I have 85% chance to get her in 20 rolls (220 photos), but I unfortunately fall into the 15%.

Why does this happen to me whenever I try to roll for Yurika and Yume? I don’t have anymore girls that I am really desperate for except Yurika, Yume and maybe Rola. Hope we get trade shop or medley rewards for these girls

Drop rates for drop event is also quite bad for me now. Scamco must be laughing at me.


Idoltime Pripara 19

I have been wondering if I should stop writing something for Pripara since I don’t have any special thoughts about most episodes for now.

The episodes recently are way too random with no clear plotline.

Finally we also have another performance for Dressing Pafe really randomly and a new Making Drama for them.

警視総監 PR Aoi GET!

I have been quite lucky in the recent two months. I got the medley PR gacha for consecutive 2 months (Well it’s considered lucky comparing to previous months which I have 0 PRs)

警視総監 PR Aoi is so damn cool.




After months of hard work, I also finally got Aoi’s fanclub into SS rank. 

It’s my 2nd Idol in SS rank. First being Ichigo. 

I hope Ran gets to SS Rank too, the trio of Soleil should always be together.

SSS Rank needs 750000 so it is really long long time later if ever.

I also did get Rin PR from the medley event.

21 PRs counting. I hope I continue having the same luck next month.

First actual blog post?

I have been thinking on what to write on this site, but well nothing much comes to my mind.

I’ll just post few sentences review of Aikatsu Stars 56.

Nothing much happens this episode, just foreshadowing rivalry of Rei and Mahiru.

Ako also getting into cat mode after being triggered by Kirara.

For Idoltime Pripara 6, Lala randomly had a new Making Drama – Aozora Smile Sparkling.

Arrggh, I miss seeing her twintail form when she is in Pripara. Looking forward to Sophie next episode.

Just had two shitty gacha rolls in Photokatsu yesterday. 4 SR Dupes. Wasted 500 stars for nothing.


I’ll continue playing Nier: Automata. Hope to complete this before I get YS VIII.