Twitter Aikatsu Image Scrape

This is my test using python and twitter API to scrape the latest and random aikatsu Images from Twitter.

It is updated from the server every ten minutes.


  1. Twitter search API with “Aikatsu” as keyword and 100 post count.
  2. Step 1 is repeated X number of times to get even more images. Actual count of tweets obtained is showed in the metadata below.
  3. Then the posts is filtered to only those that contain image media. All duplicate images are being filtered.
  4. All images are linked to the original tweet.


  1. Of course there are images that are not Aikatsu related.
  2. Number of images in a single page is HIGH, so if you are using MOBILE DATA or having a DATA CAP, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN.


Generated at 2023-04-08 01:40:14.418504
Total number of tweet processed = 949
Total number of images processed = 506
Total number of unique images = 299