Aikatsu Stars 66 and Idoltime Pripara 17 Review

Aikatsu Stars 66

Kirara and Yume both performed in this episode but quite obviously this is the Yume episode again. As a diehard Yume fan, adorable Yume shots are just everywhere and I’m so Yume satisfied after watching this episode.

Yume was so good in bringing all the kids into her cult and just brainwashed them to not fight against each other. I would be brainwashed myself too ha.

Rola won the Venus Wave but it is kinda expected because she was the only one who did something spectacular (Her Star Wings)


This week I am also posting some Yume-centered self made gifs since I learned how to do this quickly from one helpful someone in one discord server.

Can you resist Yume’s sparkling eyes?

What type of ridiculous ideas Yume had proposed in the past to cause her brand owner so frightened?

Idoltime Pripara 17

Currently I don’t expect much from Pripara. There are just no clear plotlines or something interesting to look forwards to.

Solami Smile / Dressing Pafe / Gaarumageddon had just taken up their roles as mentors for Yui / Nino / MICHIRU. 

The really surprising thing to happen in this episode is that Leona and Dorothy managed to trigger Super Idol Time. I thought that would be just exclusive to the new idols of this season. They got SCR instead of Yume Rare though.

Aikatsu Stars 65 and Idoltime Pripara 16 Review

Aikatsu Stars 65

Quite obviously this is the wings episode for Rola, so we get to see a lot of Rola.

I like her muse philosophy of how being free with her brand Spice Chord. She is more of similar to Mahiru who also has to inherit a brand from someone else. Essentially, others like Yume, Elza, Kirara can just imbue their whole personality into their brand, but Rola and Mahiru can only slowly put their touches on the brand. This is likely not an easy task, as in this case, Rei and others might question them on their decisions on changing the philosophy of the brand itself, like making Spice Chord slightly cuter. Rola convinces people using her conviction “Going my Way” and probably Rola herself as an idol compatible with the changed brand.

I am also curious with how the dress design work between different brands. For Berry Parfait and FuwaFuwa Dream, the idol took care of the design and has the staff helping them to bring the design into reality, but for cases like Rola and Lily, they actually sew up the whole dress themselves. Even though she sew up her dress, doesn’t that need to be gone through an official approval process from the brand staff for it to be an official coord?

Also see how Rola is being overprotective of Yume again. Her stern stare “Don’t touch my YUME!!!!” awwww.  Yume x Rola ship is still rolling strong.

I have been lazy in posting these review posts lately (See how my reviews getting posted later and later).

Idoltime Pripara 16

Nothing really to comment about this episode. End of Mimiko’s attempt to interfere with their Pripara activities and continuation of Lala, Yui together being forceful in persuasion activities.


Idoltime Pripara 15 Review

This week there are no episode for Aikatsu Stars so I has been thinking of skipping for this week because I am kinda lazy.

Apparently there is still a Chinese leaked episode 65 that I have managed to watch.

I enjoy the leaked episode a lot and as I can read Chinese, there is nothing much to look forward for next week instead when the actual episode broadcasts.

I’ll still leave the review for next week though.

Idoltime Pripara 15

Michiru debuts!!! And who knows that we are getting another so so so crazy character for Idoltime again.

Apparently outside Pripara, she is hiragana Michiru (みちる), inside Pripara she is katakana Michiru (ミチル) and takes on the crazy character (Princess/Miko of the whatever Sky Kingdom) that Aroma sets up for her.

She is a cool type but with her character I think she is better off being Celeb type.

The mystery with Falala’s clocktower also deepens.

Now I feel like there are more crazy characters in Pripara with Gaarumageddon and Michiru coming it.

Will the new three form a unit or will there be further twists in the units?



Aikatsu Stars 64 and Idoltime Pripara 14 Review

Aikatsu Stars 64

It’s totally an episode about Rei and Mahiru.

Rei being outshined by Elza and just being demotivated from showcasing herself well.

Mahiru is like “Action speaks louder than words”, and proceed for her hard training, and show her best and her SPR wings to inspire Rei.

I love how they presented the final shot of Mahiru shining with the wings.

Elza has really not done her job as a headmistress in Venus Ark. When your idols get demotivated (Rei and previously Alice), she just throws an insult “Disappointed” and did nothing else to help them. In the end, they all had to rely on outsiders to get themselves back up.

With this episode, I am also quite surprised at how they are willing to not spoil stuff in previous episodes previews. There are already quite a few episodes that goes the unpredictable route even with the previews shown. I applaud the anime makers for their effort in this.

Finally, I am happy to see Yozora back being cute towards Mahiru again. She is so much fun.

Idoltime Pripara 14

I did not do any screenshots for Pripara because I am just lazy.

This episode has Gaarumageddon back to the party.

Aroma is basically driving the show forward for the whole episode and is actually becoming the main factor of dragging Michiru into Pripara.

They are definitely adding a lot of fun to the main cast, as compared to Yui and Lala only.

Aikatsu Stars 63 and Idoltime Pripara 13 Review

Aikatsu Stars 63

The Sentai 4 (S4) parody is great and it really is a fun episode.

However, I really feel like the theme of the episode went all wrong.

The activity was supposed to be for Lily to gain strength to endure through the summer instead of going for summer hibernation mode.

But in face of all the crisis, Lily pretty much did nothing and gained help from all the S4 members magically one by one.

She does gain a new power: “Friendship Summoning”, by summoning friends (S4) out of thin air to help her when required.

Idoltime Pripara 13

I am going to just start this with WHY the HECK is Parajuku Pripara getting destroyed by a FUCKING BOMB?

This really undermines the effort of the original cast saving Pripara multiple times from systems disasters/heaven disasters in the original 140 episodes. I just feel so sad for them.

This really gives out enough shock value and only serves a plot point to bring Gaarumageddon back to the forefront of Idoltime Pripara.

Welcome back Gaarumageddon anyways.