Aikatsu Stars 89 and Idoltime Pripara 40 Review

Playing three mobages is really taxing me a lot but somehow Bandori and Mirishita gave me the best gacha lucks this month, while I am not getting anything from Photokatsu this month. 3 4-Stars on Bandori this month, and 4 SSRs from Mirishita (1 SSR from medal gacha, 3 SSRs from a single ten roll) this month. I really want to reduce my time on Bandori and Mirishita. It’s like they are using the gacha luck to prevent me from leaving. Arrrgh.

I really hope to get my first gacha Photokatsu PR for this year soon though.

Aikatsu Stars 89

I was actually surprised by this episode being mostly a recap. I don’t usually watch live stream because it is shortly just after my work time but this time I managed to finish my stuff early and tried to watch it and this is so anti-climatic to watch a recap.

Somehow Elza reverted back to her kind self after few episodes of being half crazy and there she is rejecting veggies from her meal. She is so unexpectedly childish when it comes to veggies.

Finally, we also got another reveal from Hime that she obtained something probably equal or even better than the Sun Dress after all the travelling around the world. Will Hime become the final boss of this season instead of Elza? I always feel like Hime should be the Yume’s final opponent though to bring a closure for Yume’s challenge towards Hime in the end of S1. Yume can’t really be ichibanboshi without beating Hime fair and square.

Idoltime Pripara 40

This is supposed to be a filler episode but there are some pretty touching scenes for Laala and Yui.

MyDre and Laala went back to Parajuku again so the whole old cast gets their cameo and appears again. It’s touching to see that Yui realized that Laala is not just her best friend and Laala is pretty much everyone else’s friend and Laala is actually influential.

I had to think for a bit for Laala most important thing, but it was so obvious, and I also did guess it before the results are out. Minna Tomodachi is basically everything that makes Laala what she is so the most obvious answer would be friend. Yui did understand enough of Laala to know what’s the correct answer for Laala too after being together all these times.

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