Idoltime Pripara 100 and 101 Review

I have decided to combine the final two episodes of Idoltime Pripara into one review and separate Aikatsu Stars into another review.

I’ll preface with this – I actually had very low expectations for Idoltime Pripara, because I was pretty much bored by new characters and the plot in Idoltime Pripara. I always knew that Pripara has super damn epic endings for each of the season though. The ones for the past three seasons had touched me so much. With that being said, I came into the final episodes with much lower expectations than previous seasons. I should have known the taste of what is to come from last episode’s God Idol. 

What I can say for episode 100 is that it is the epitome of fanservice for the whole Pripara series. As expectedly, Laala has awakened without any issues. And well we were then treated to a performance from the current God Idols and Kami Idols , a combined performance from Solami Dressing. Solami Dressing was basically the core main cast of the original Pripara, and the performance with the new OP was so still nostalgic to me. The fact that they didn’t ignore Shuuka and just leave everything else to MyDre surprised me too. Finally we have gotten another performance from MyDre and had a complete Making Drama with basically all the Pripara cast except maybe Jewlie and Janice. Episode 100 is just destined for greatness and will be remembered by me as one of the most significant episodes in Pripara series. I watched the rolling credits and thought this was the last episode and finally oops there was still one more episode.

Episode 101 was a closure to the whole Pripara series. Although not as epic as the last episode, I would say it was a very well done final episode. The surprise of this episode was that the boys got to perform Tick Tock Magical Idol Time, while MyDre performed Gira Galactic Tight Rope, which was surprisingly good imo. I was actually complaining about Laala didn’t get to escort Yui in SuperIdolTime and wow they actually did that this episode. Three of them actually got escorted by their mentors/inspirations respectively (Laala/Shion/Aroma). It was really touching to see that ends the series here.

It’s been a long journey since now Pripara has totally come to an end. I will definitely miss Laala for some time since she was really my favourite in Pripara. I will continue watching Prichan and hopefully it will be a worthy successor to Pripara.



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