Aikatsu Stars 88 and Idoltime Pripara 39 Review

Happy new year 2018!!!

It’s been a busy new year week because I was trying to rank a bit for multiple mobages (Photokatsu, Mirishita, Bandori). Had some luck with the new year rolls for Mirishita and Bandori but no luck for my main mobage Photokatsu. I still need one more PR to reach 50 PRs. Will it be from the gacha? Or will it be from the Shop PR or Medley PR?

There are also news of a new Aikatsu trademark which probably points to new season Aikatsu Friends. I certainly still hope that Yume will be staying in some way for that, but I had a feeling that it won’t happen. It’ll be sad if all the Stars related content to be relegated to Photokatsu on that point onwards if that happens. 

Starting to watch the new season of anime too. The new cardcaptor sakura is being pretty impressive, and there’s also the Hugtto Precure coming up which I am really looking forward to.

Aikatsu Stars 88

It’s a half Yuzu episode and half drama episode for this new year episode. 

We have been shown that Yuzu essentially having limitless energy but this is the first time I think we have seen her reached her limit and down from that. Having said that, that only happens only after multiple exhausting events/schedules and she just recovers back to her normal state just after few hours of resting. Sasuga Yuzu. Trying to act as 9 characters on her own is pretty crazy for the scenario script and others would need to have a full team to just cover all her roles.

The second part was also the highlight of the episode with the really well written and cute drama scenario. The characters being portrayed are just too fun to behold. All the characters are having their fun and unique personality but the best would be Lily Teacher and Koharu Teacher. Lily acted overly serious and paranoid while Koharu is showing her gem of being a true sexy type again, being all too much seducing to Kirara Student.

This is unexpectedly well done for a new year episode with lots of iconic scenes.


Also made a gif of Yume stumped at how to pronounce Tokyo.

Idoltime Pripara 39

It’s been a mostly joke filler episode for the Baba sisters headmistresses. Shuuka had been used by Galala to help her to steal dreams, but going forward will she continue to be tricked or will she be willingly helping Galala by defeating MyDre?

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