Aikatsu Stars 74 and Idoltime Pripara 25 Review

Aikatsu Stars 74

Finally the second Ako-focused episode in this season but it’s Ako/Kirara bonding time!!! Sad that Caroline actually stole some of the screentime though with her fuwafuwa powers. Hairstyle switching to twintails brought out another side of Ako of cuteness. So much cuteness Akonyanko~~~ Kirara admired the bond between Yume and Koharu for Rainbow Berry Parfait and wanted Ako to be her twin muse for Fuwafuwadream again. Ako seems to have agreed to it, but it remains to be seen if she’ll ever get a PR or SPR in the current state, since all the SPRs are already taken up. I would beg Bamco for that just like everyone else.

Anyway since this post was delayed, it coincides with Ako’s birthday at the time of posting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Ako-chan~

Idoltime Pripara 25

Since I stopped watching Japanese raws, I am stopping to post Pripara screenshots (Actually I am just lazy). The story has just revealed plenty of important plot points this episodes. Galala being evil and responsible for Falala’s slumber and destruction of Pripara was pretty unexpected. Having a mascot that can eat dreams and with Yui countering with her dreams (DELUSIONS?) finally revealed the theme of this season – Dreams. The main 3 being in a trio unit is kinda expected so we know how the story will continue on. Let’s await the epic clash between Yui and Galala with all the deus ex machina (Dreams/Tomodachi power/Miracles etc).

Aikatsu Stars 73 and Idoltime Pripara 24 Review

Aikatsu Stars 73

The Yume SPR episode finally!!! I have been waiting so eagerly for this moment since two months ago? when her dress was revealed in magazine scans.

Firstly, my thoughts for Yume to change brands to Rainbow Berry Parfait. I think that this is not done well in this episode, because essentially Yume is forced to change her brand, because Koharu is incapable of designing in the original flavour of Berry Parfait. Apparently the designs and colors deviate so much that they are essentially a new brand. They are lucky that this is a new and non-established brand yet because otherwise it would never happen. Just a thought, would Yume be able to reach her SPR if she still uses Berry Parfait with a better PR dress? Or is this drastic change essential for her to reach SPR?

Great 3D CGI performance for Yume’s Message of a Rainbow though. This is definitely the best and most detailed wings out of all the wings that has been revealed. No aura change but the spinning rainbow reveal of the wings is very much well done. The awkward 3D CGI waving after the performance is definitely creepy though.

Idoltime Pripara 24

Another random episode with Shion appearing again. Currently the anime is providing more hints about the idol that Shion is searching for: being obsessed with being the first, which is another hint for Mia Ichiban. The anime is moving in such a snail pace that I am complaining about this every other episode but looks like the next episode will have some important plotline going on with Galala and Falala coming into the picture. It’s also great to see a new duet performance this week by Nino and Shion.

Aikatsu Stars 72 and Idoltime Pripara 23 Review

Aikatsu Stars 72

This has to be the first episode in S2 where Rola didn’t get to speak at all. And the repeated confession from Koharu to Yume finally broke the hold of Yume x Rola that was still going strong this season. Poor Rola now has to fend off another love rival.

Yume had two bun hairstyle change (Sheep and Otome style?) just on this episode and they were really adorable on her. Yume also showed her attributes of being worthy of being a S4 again, by being receptive to fans, being a dependable senpai, and having a professional work attitude.

Plenty of unrealistic scenarios happened this episode though, like Yume being force fed all kinds of curry ice. Shouldn’t the advertiser know that idols need to maintain their diet? 

Aria had a short cameo and addressed Hime as Hime-chan? Wonder if she will address Elza as Elza-chan too?

Idoltime Pripara 23

Random Mimiko filler and performance reuse episode. There seems to be one side note about Pripara visitors decreasing but overall the plot is not progressing yet. No screenshots for this episode.

Aikatsu Stars 71 and Idoltime Pripara 22 Review

Aikatsu Stars 71


Well well, the “Sayonara” Koharu episode. Anyone who is following Aikatsu Stars closely would have guessed from bits of information that Koharu was definitely not leaving and it was just going to be a misunderstanding. The episode still managed to surprise me with the two other plot points though – Kirara being left behind and Alice now in Yotsuboshi. We were sorely disappointed during the Alice episode when we thought she was just a one-off character despite the great character design. Apparently Bamco still have other plans for her but I don’t see her being prominent in the advent of Aria’s appearance. Bamco please continue to surprise me in this. Kirara being left behind is also quite intriguing. Will she rejoin back Venus Ark as soon as possible or will she just stay until Venus Ark returns? Looking forward to more Kirara Ako interaction episodes if she stays. 

Idoltime Pripara 22


It is refreshing to see them put some effort in an episode sometimes. The animation has been better than usual and the plot is still silly but not boring for this episode. Shuuka makes her appearance but next episode should be her official debut. “Neo Dimension Go” by Tricolore is really the greatest performance in Idoltime so far as the whole performance itself is not on a stage itself but on a flying pirate ship with a pretty cool making drama too. I kinda understand they lack budget in animating Idoltime somehow (It’s been pretty awful recently) but episodes like this restore my hope that actual climax episodes can be done impressively.