Aikatsu Stars 82 and Idoltime Pripara 33 Review

What a bad week last week. Yume has appeared as a banner in Photokatsu again and I went in for 14 rolls…….. which gives me 154 cards, and a supposedly high chance of getting Yume.

End Result: No Yume and not even another new PR.

Was so exasperated in Photokatsu urrrgh. Bad luck strikes again Yume just refuses to come home for me. I hate her so much now, but I will still be posting a lot of Yume screenshots below because she’s still so cute unfortunately. Don’t feel like whaling for now so Yume will be away again for now.

Aikatsu Stars 82

I take a long time to like characters usually and that includes my favourite in Stars now Yume (Which took me I think 10-20+ episodes?). My overall favourite is still Ichigo though. I have been pretty neutral on Aria since her appearance, so I guess I have finally reached an episode when I start growing on her now.

Aria has to be a pretty crazy Yume fan to actually stalk Yume to multipler of her work schedules. Yume only goes into delusion mode when she enjoys Aikatsu? Aria has so much chemistry with Yume this episode so I really wanted to welcome her to Yume’s harem now. In fact, I am questioning why she is even in Venus Ark as she doesn’t even have chemistry with anyone else there.

I really enjoy Aria as Yume’s sidekick and she’s so bubbly lovely herself in her glasses. The first dual SPR performance is also going on strong too, hoping more of these to be coming up soon.

Idoltime Pripara 33

Guess these episodes will be focusing on each one of them getting back their dreams from Galala, actually unlocking the dreamy eyes mode like Yui.

This episode is for Nino and I am loled at how she actually harasses Paku. I though Paku should have some kind of supernatural powers to identify real dreams to eat and shouldn’t mistake torchlight for dreams, but I guess this is just typical Pripara, pushing the boundaries of ridiculously.

So I guess once Michiru gets back her dream, the unit will be complete and they will have a fair chance to challenge Galala.

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