Aikatsu Stars 79 and Idoltime Pripara 30 Review

Aikatsu Stars 79

It’s been 79 episodes, and something really unexpected and astounding finally happened. Koharu, KOHARU, KOHARUUUU finally FINALLY got her first 3DCG performance!!!!! When most of us have thought that they missed all kinds of previous opportunities to get Koharu perform, this is a real blessing amidst countless performance reuse. The new poses for characters debuting after S2 (Aria and Koharu) are put in extra efforts really with all the special effects and some weird action. Other than that it is just the same old Message of a Rainbow duet performance with Yume.

Other than that, it was a weird halloween episode. Things are happening too fast and poor Taiyaki Rola and Kaitou Lily got vanquished by Elza in just an instant.

The cut of Cat/Sheep fighting was really so fabulous that I have made a gif of that even though I was kinda lazy to do that for a long time.

It’s still fun to see all those ridiculous costumes. And Yume got into tako mode instead of kraken lol.


Idoltime Pripara 30

Halloween episode with Galala being the main antagonist running around trying to steal dreams. Galala is actually quite adorable, childish but sinister.

Apparently Baku could just eat dreams without them asleep which make it quite dangerous, but the main cast are still more dangerous to have their dreams being eaten lol. Poor Baku trying to eat Nino’s and Shuuka’s dream and being karate chopped and broken his teeth.

It does seem like Baku had tried to ate all the girls’ dream when they were young though, probably some kind of preventive measure to prevent Falala from being revived. And maybe that’s the reason why Danpri is popular because no girls wanted to be idols because of the dreams eaten. So zannen for the girls.



Aikatsu Stars 78 and Idoltime Pripara 29 Review

Aikatsu Stars 78

There’s one aspect that is always so great about Aikatsu that is the young/chibi version of the idols are always so adorable. And that includes someone so cold-blooded like Elza. Awww, her motivation to get Sun dress is to get hugs / headpats from her mum? That’s like so kawaiiso. Though I still won’t root for her for that since I already have my favourites.  

The world of wealthy and nepotism are always so prevalent in Aikatsu though. I can’t imagine how normal people can turn off lights of a whole town just for their own benefit but apparently Elza’s mum is able to achieve that. These poor people would have to just suffer without lights.

Idoltime Pripara 29

Shuuka got her deserved win in the Idoltime Grand Prix and also got her Yume Rare coord from Super Idoltime. I can’t help but root for Shuuka because unlike Hibiki (another talented idol), Shuuka worked so diligently til the end to just to achieve perfection.

I guess Yui them will try to beat her next time using power of friendship (Unit?) instead, but Shuuka also deserves to be another unit but there are no candidates now. Wish they would create something interesting for Shuuka’s development.

Aikatsu Stars 77 and Idoltime Pripara 28 Review

Laziness kicks in this week again and I am again late in posting the reviews. I have even watched Idoltime Pripara 29 before I finish the review for 28 but I’ll just continue to keep with the weekly schedule of 1 episode per week.

Aikatsu Stars 77

Another episode showing how miraculous is Aria, and the episode where she just decided to join Venus Ark after a tour.

I swear Aria would just accept any invitation to any school, so when Elza made the first move, she just accepted that. Which makes me think why Yume didn’t invite Aria first to just join Yotsuboshi. My conspiracy: Yume is shooing Aria away to Venus Ark so that Aria would be slightly further away from Hime.

Aria also overusing her weird powers of summoning flowers from her hand, and reviving flowers. I think she’ll be a good inspiration to Rei and Kirara in Venus Ark somehow though because of her purity. Maybe she’ll play some part in Rei’s obtaining of her new SPR.


Idoltime Pripara 28

Mia Ichiban!!!! Mia from Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future is back now with a new identity and setting as a member of the legendary Kami Idol Saints and a sister of Shuuka. Well, it’s probably just the production trying to save money and reuse a character design. She’s back with an extra obsession with being Ichiban and extra dose of ridiculousness. Guess she’ll be in for a long run as a joke character though. We get another idoltime grandprix episode next episode and of course they are rotating the winners before they actually get to form a unit.

Aikatsu Stars 76 and Idoltime Pripara 27 Review

I keep on breaking on my own record on being late in posting the weekly reviews stuff. I knew that rarely there will be people that are visiting my site, the weekly review stuff is just something that I made a promise with myself to just write anything weekly.

I have been engrossed with Sen no Kiseki III so much that I didn’t actually pick up much anime during this cour. Maybe I’ll find a few days to rest from gaming to pick up some of the better received anime this week and decide whether to pick up them or not.

Aikatsu Stars 76

Second part of Aikatsu Stars S2 started, finally the midseason idol Aria has appeared.

Watching through this episode though I really feel nothing about Aria. Guess she just fell in the genre of cute nature idols I don’t really like Sakura/Maria. Her development feels like starting at this episode and already ending at this episode because well……. she got her SPR immediately. I do need some time to like an idol though, so there are 20+ episodes for me to work with and maybe my initial verdict will change.

Music of Dream is pretty generic as an anime OP, but not very Aikatsu-like. It is not bad though, does sound like a final theme somehow. I don’t usually like songs like Pirouette so yeah……



Idoltime Pripara 27

Second part of first season of Idoltime started, and Shuuka had just debuted this episode, and unexpectedly she had risen to become my favourite Idoltime Pripara idol right now. Idoltime is Moneeh!!!!!

She just has the personality to make Idoltime really fun again, her coords are fantastic and her performance is definitely the best solo performance in Idoltime so far. Although it didn’t beat Tricolore’s crazy performance, it came really close to be the best.

I am now optimistic to wait for every episode just to watch Shuuka antiques.

Aikatsu Stars 75 and Idoltime Pripara 26 Review

These few weeks I have been getting lazy and posting these posts late by a few days.

I have been busy starting watching Gundam in UC series in the last few weeks so that’s part of the reason.

I have also just obtained Sen no Kiseki III my favourite JRPG series. It’s been one year+ since I have played another JRPG without localization, and since I can’t read Japanese text fast so I have to go ahead with the game really slowly to make sure I don’t miss out any plot point in this plot heavy game.

Have also added another mobage Magia Record to the list I am playing now, so iroiro daihen right now. 

Aikatsu Stars 75

Homecoming episode for Mahiru. It’s always nice to see Kasumi Kei having fun together. Asahi looks so confident in his crossdressing when they were kids.

Sabishii Mahiru at home alone but Rola somehow managed to break into her home without needing “keys” to comfort her. I have read some jokes about Rola managing to clone the keys in that instant they went in lol. Rola is so yabaii. MahiRola is now going stronger, since Koharu went between YumeRola.

Idoltime Pripara 26

Just an episode of Michiru trying to achieve independence from Aroma but unable to in the end. She got her Yume Rare coord in the end of this episode. Galala’s Baku starts to eat up the dreams of Yui’s friends so it’s time for Yui to work quick against Galala.