Aikatsu Stars 90 and Idoltime Pripara 41 Review

This is my lucky month for mobage I suppose. I got a double PR pull from Elza event pool in a single 11 roll, and they are just what I need (Event Elza and Initial Rola). For the anniversary pick free PR, I have picked Shion since she was the only character available that I was missing. Hope my luck for Photokatsu also continue for this new year. 

Aikatsu Stars 90

Elza apparently wanted to shut down Venus Ark as Venus Ark students (Rei, Kirara, Aria) had completed their role as tools to unlock Sun Dress. Rei and Kirara apparently still obsessed with having Elza around though, being willing to do anything to bring Elza back.

The middle part of the episode is pretty fun with Rei Kirara Aria being together doing cooking. Actually I wish to see more of their interactions together instead of them sticking with Elza, because it’s so fulfilling. Aria is also being too cute for a supporting character in this episode, that I actually spent some time to make a gif of her.

In the end, Kirara won the event because Rei was letting Kirara win, so I think Kirara is likely the final one in top 4 unless Hime miraculously appear in the Aikatsu ranking. It was weird that in Aikatsu stars, they were allowed to perform with a sprained ankle though. (Remember when Rin was forbidden to perform in Aikatsu by Johnny Sensei due to the same problem?)

Elza seemed to have softened down a bit in the end of this episode and that pained look in her face suggested that she may have kept some secrets from them.


Idoltime Pripara 41

With the theme of Pripara being friends all the time, it kinda makes sense that the key to defeat or convert Galala is simply just using power of friends. Galala being friends with Shuuka just unlocked both of their lonely souls, and it seems like Galala will be converted much sooner now.

Galala performance is being quite nice, with someone pointed out to me that her performance is supposed to be a mirror of Falala’s performance which is true. Most of the dance choreography and even the making drama are quite similar just with the day and night opposite theme different.

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