Aikatsu Stars 76 and Idoltime Pripara 27 Review

I keep on breaking on my own record on being late in posting the weekly reviews stuff. I knew that rarely there will be people that are visiting my site, the weekly review stuff is just something that I made a promise with myself to just write anything weekly.

I have been engrossed with Sen no Kiseki III so much that I didn’t actually pick up much anime during this cour. Maybe I’ll find a few days to rest from gaming to pick up some of the better received anime this week and decide whether to pick up them or not.

Aikatsu Stars 76

Second part of Aikatsu Stars S2 started, finally the midseason idol Aria has appeared.

Watching through this episode though I really feel nothing about Aria. Guess she just fell in the genre of cute nature idols I don’t really like Sakura/Maria. Her development feels like starting at this episode and already ending at this episode because well……. she got her SPR immediately. I do need some time to like an idol though, so there are 20+ episodes for me to work with and maybe my initial verdict will change.

Music of Dream is pretty generic as an anime OP, but not very Aikatsu-like. It is not bad though, does sound like a final theme somehow. I don’t usually like songs like Pirouette so yeah……



Idoltime Pripara 27

Second part of first season of Idoltime started, and Shuuka had just debuted this episode, and unexpectedly she had risen to become my favourite Idoltime Pripara idol right now. Idoltime is Moneeh!!!!!

She just has the personality to make Idoltime really fun again, her coords are fantastic and her performance is definitely the best solo performance in Idoltime so far. Although it didn’t beat Tricolore’s crazy performance, it came really close to be the best.

I am now optimistic to wait for every episode just to watch Shuuka antiques.

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