Aikatsu Stars 94 and Idoltime Pripara 45 Review

Aikatsu Stars 94

It’s the Elza vs Mahiru episode, and the results were already too obvious before we get to the end of this, so I wasn’t expecting anything much from this episode. Instead this episode was a gem only because of the all the satisfying character interactions in this episode and some pure Ako reactions. Yume and Mahiru were a bit dry as usual as Mahiru still seems to be only lacking chemical reaction with Yume among the main cast. Otherwise, other reactions including Rola/Ako/Koharu/Aria were really fruitful enough. The siscon characteristic also runs within the whole Kasumi family so that was also a fun sight to behold.

It was surprising to see a redone Forever Dream performance with Sun Dress too, now Elza’s aura has expanded so much, and it makes me hyped up on Yume eventual performance upgrade for the finale.

Idoltime Pripara 45

Instead of being minna tomodachi hax like Laala, Yui’s hax was being minna yume so she had won expectedly against Shuuka. Looks like we are going to the final arc now, I am looking forward towards the ending a lot. I want it go as crazy as it can be like the end of every Pripara season finale.

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