Aikatsu Stars 95 and Idoltime Pripara 46 Review

Aikatsu Stars 95

Elza themed episode title -> Actually Yume episode. Not that it was bad for me though. It’s just Yume on her way showing off her MC powers.

Now that Elza wanted to quit being an idol for god knows why, but why bother going into details. Yume is going to save her using her godly MC powers anyways. Elza was still being a mothercon, but didn’t actually make any real effort to contact her mother, when Rei was able to reach her mother with only some effort. Elza’s performance CG was still bad so hopefully we can see something better for Yume’s renewed Music of Dream.

Remaining time of the episode we can continue enjoy seeing Yume being cute and having fun with her schoolmates. 

Idoltime Pripara 46

I am quite surprised they weren’t any real obstacles for Yui and co to actually find the key item to awake Galala from sleep. Everything just happened so smoothly, Galala awoke and Falala/Galala just performed together. The song they performed was a real disaster though. Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to just overlap the vocals and music of two very different songs? I am hoping desperately for an epic Pripara finale for this season but this does not seem like it’ll be happening. 

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