Aikatsu Stars 93 and Idoltime Pripara 44 Review

Aikatsu Stars 93

I can’t believe a character development episode for Rei actually rushed through one round of the Aikatsu tournament. The way Rei lost against Yume was just so anticlimatic. Looking back, I do dislike character development episodes combined with losing episodes. It makes you really want to root for them, but finishing the episode itself punishes you by giving you so much disappointment. This episode is one of them being that and also the previous Rola episode against Elza.

Everything that Rei is working for this episode, suggested that she is not Subete Elza no tame ni anymore, she even spoke “Minna no tame ni” in this episode, but the cursed catchphrase before her performance still had to be “Subete Elza no tame ni”. Why couldn’t they have changed that to something more sensible now?

The impact of Yume winning is very much lessened in this episode as it feels too much as a plot device.

Idoltime Pripara 44

Once again, I am not writing much on this episode because this was mostly a plot device for Michiru’s Night Dress.

Galala and Falala also just switched their wake up time again.

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