Aikatsu Stars 92 and Idoltime Pripara 43 Review

It was a hectic day today due to the presence of two big events which took up both half of my day.

Firstly, it was the airing day of the first episode Hugtto Precure. I was hyped too much by this in the previous days and in fact this was the first time I actually open the livestream and try watching it. The first episode is good enough for me, Hana and Hug-tan are just too kawaii for me to handle. First episode usually can’t reveal the quality of the whole season though, so I’ll make my verdict on this after watching much more episodes.

Next was the latest infodump on Aikatsu Friends. To be honest, it was too much for to process right now. I can’t put down most of my thoughts clearly in words for this for now. STARANIS/AIKATSU STARS disbanding, new season having Seiyuus as singers, I currently still feel very neutral to this. Even the new songs/videos that were revealed was not really helpful to me in deciding if this is good or not. I’ll just wait until the actual anime to happen to make my feelings clear probably.

Aikatsu Stars 92

So the final 4 that get into the Aikatsu Tournament was Elza, Yume, Rei, Mahiru. It was kinda expected but I feel bad for Kirara really. She was the one that stayed on 2nd position for most of the season and somehow dropping out of it abruptly near the end, even after winning an event. It reinforces people’s opinion that poor Pop idols are meant to be shafted, just like how Ako was treated for the entire of this season.

As Aikatsu Stars is coming to an end, I feel like Elza has grown a lot on me, so much that I actually ranked her above Koharu now. She used to the be last in my personal rankings. These few episodes really make me feel that she has a heart, and she does really care a lot about her idols in Venus Ark. I wonder if the last few episodes will reveal the actual reason of her closing down Venus Ark for now.

Finally, Episode Solo!!! It was surprising that Yume, Mahiru, Ako never knew about the tradition of Episode Solo being sung by every generation of S4. I wonder how though. They should have been taught of that by someone at least. 26th S4 variation of Episode Solo really has a totally different feel than the previous one. The song is now too much skewed toward Pop/Cute feel mostly due to presence of Yume/Ako. The original version is still a better one imo.

Idoltime Pripara 43

I am not writing any much for this episode, because this episode is pretty much just a plot device for Nino to get the morning dress. It was pretty innovative to have Nino perform to stealing of Shion’s crown during the performance making drama though.

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