Aikatsu Stars 91 and Idoltime Pripara 42 Review

Aikatsu Stars 91

Mahiru and Aria episode really feels like a filler at this point. Aria is definitely cute and all but this is essentially intruding on Mahiru’s episode. It’s pretty sad that Mahiru’s personal episodes are always burdened with Venus Ark students for now. Aria is working hard trying to copy/learn from other idols, but copying Mahiru is pretty much impossible, as she is too much of a monster. Dat boulder break was just too much for probably anyone else in the Aikatsu verse.And somehow we got a Aria performance with some slight changes and a cut Mahiru performance. Weird choice, but I am not going to complain too much at this point.

Also, Aikatsu Friends just got announced on last week as a sequel to Aikatsu Stars in April. Hopefully we will get a trailer up soon as I am usually not getting fired up by just character designs.

It’s just sad to see current cast gone just after 2 years. My precious Yume aww. They will live on in photokatsu hopefully.


Idoltime Pripara 42

It’s all nostalgic when Mia starts performing, with both the song Dear My Future and the making drama (prism jump) Kirameki Future. I replayed that performance 10+ times because it was such a nice song and it was very motivating. Galala in this episode also got fallen by the minna tomodachi curse so it’s a bit anticlimatic, but it’s Pripara anyways. It’s always all friendships and miracles.

Btw, Kiratto Prichan also got announced on the last week as a sequel to Pripara in April. This means Pripara is going to be over soon finally. Laala finally gets to retire now. Otsukare Laala all these time. I am pretty sure I am going to watch Prichan too.


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