Aikatsu Stars 98 and Idoltime Pripara 49 Review

Aikatsu Stars 98

I think it is pretty weird to slot in a Yuzu Lily development episode near the very end. It kinda make sense based on the plot of this episode, but I still feel that it should have been explored earlier. It was surprising for them to announce an official unit YuzuttoLily in a season that was completely void of units before this though. Although they redid the animal carnival performance, no unit auras was still a pity.

The S4 results was so anti-climatic that I don’t really want to talk much about it. Poor Haruka Ruka finally get a chance to be S4 now though after Yuzu graduation.

Idoltime Pripara 49

I simply love how Pripara is always ramping up the hype near the end of season. Now Dressing Pafe finally get to be God Idol , not Kami Idol btw. I don’t know why they have to create a variation of Kami Idol just right now, but whatever the reason, it’s Pripara, and Dressing Pafe definitely deserved their new title God Idol now. Now they can unleash their God Idol powers and contribute a way in bringing back Laala.

Other than that, Jewlie and Janice performed but it was only a reused performance from S3 so nothing much to see there. Laala is always Jewlie’s mama though. 

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