Aikatsu Stars 72 and Idoltime Pripara 23 Review

Aikatsu Stars 72

This has to be the first episode in S2 where Rola didn’t get to speak at all. And the repeated confession from Koharu to Yume finally broke the hold of Yume x Rola that was still going strong this season. Poor Rola now has to fend off another love rival.

Yume had two bun hairstyle change (Sheep and Otome style?) just on this episode and they were really adorable on her. Yume also showed her attributes of being worthy of being a S4 again, by being receptive to fans, being a dependable senpai, and having a professional work attitude.

Plenty of unrealistic scenarios happened this episode though, like Yume being force fed all kinds of curry ice. Shouldn’t the advertiser know that idols need to maintain their diet? 

Aria had a short cameo and addressed Hime as Hime-chan? Wonder if she will address Elza as Elza-chan too?

Idoltime Pripara 23

Random Mimiko filler and performance reuse episode. There seems to be one side note about Pripara visitors decreasing but overall the plot is not progressing yet. No screenshots for this episode.

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