Aikatsu Stars 74 and Idoltime Pripara 25 Review

Aikatsu Stars 74

Finally the second Ako-focused episode in this season but it’s Ako/Kirara bonding time!!! Sad that Caroline actually stole some of the screentime though with her fuwafuwa powers. Hairstyle switching to twintails brought out another side of Ako of cuteness. So much cuteness Akonyanko~~~ Kirara admired the bond between Yume and Koharu for Rainbow Berry Parfait and wanted Ako to be her twin muse for Fuwafuwadream again. Ako seems to have agreed to it, but it remains to be seen if she’ll ever get a PR or SPR in the current state, since all the SPRs are already taken up. I would beg Bamco for that just like everyone else.

Anyway since this post was delayed, it coincides with Ako’s birthday at the time of posting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Ako-chan~

Idoltime Pripara 25

Since I stopped watching Japanese raws, I am stopping to post Pripara screenshots (Actually I am just lazy). The story has just revealed plenty of important plot points this episodes. Galala being evil and responsible for Falala’s slumber and destruction of Pripara was pretty unexpected. Having a mascot that can eat dreams and with Yui countering with her dreams (DELUSIONS?) finally revealed the theme of this season – Dreams. The main 3 being in a trio unit is kinda expected so we know how the story will continue on. Let’s await the epic clash between Yui and Galala with all the deus ex machina (Dreams/Tomodachi power/Miracles etc).

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