Aikatsu Stars 70 and Idoltime Pripara 21 Review

Aikatsu Stars 70


In last episode, Akari suffered as just being a supporting character to Yume. But this episode, make no mistake, Ichigo’s overwhelming presence is ensuring she is the main character once she made her first appearance in this episode.

Ichigo is always my top favourite Aikatsu idol and much more than Yume currently. Her “Pro Adventurer” feats – rope catching Yume, axing down a tree, rock climbing are all just my typical Ichigo. I was going to just rant on and on about how fabulous is Ichigo but I can’t find words to describe her.

About other aspects of this episode, unfortunately due to the short length of the episode even without the OP, other idols were underused, especially Aoi and Mizuki. Yurika and Kaede were just being themselves again (Not that it is a bad thing) with the surprise appearance of the Loli Gothic bat. We don’t even get to witness how Soleil won the race against Tristar. 

Yume were especially dumb for not realizing Ichigo was an idol when Ichigo was chanting Aikatsu during the rock climbing with her. I wish deeply for another collab episode in the future. Maybe they can come back to Aikatsu Island again since obviously there’s a dimension hole/gate near Aikatsu Island.


Idoltime Pripara 21


Nothing worthy of screenshot this episode in Menpara. Still going on with their ridiculous plot again with Monsters and Ramen and Udon.

Well next week Hibiki and finally Shuuka are going to make her debut appearance. I hope Shuuka makes good rival against the main three.

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